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Venture Model  

Investment Approach

Venture Model

JK&B’s Venture model has three primary components. First, the Partners develop trend analysis based on their view of the evolution of the information technology market. This leads to investment strategies that have a wide technology aperture, and produce broad investment possibilities.

Second, the partners assess the technology implications resulting from the trend analysis. JK&B invests in “must-have” technologies, enabling new markets with the potential to reach significant scale. These fundamentals are important as they indicate the critical risk/return potential. In addition, JK&B seeks technologies that are demonstrably superior and address the following criteria—the best of breed, fit the needs of the largest buyers, are high priority, have compelling rationale for large enterprises, integrate with existing systems and technologies, and are both attractive for acquisition and as a standalone entity which can IPO.

Third, the Partners proactively seek out companies, irrespective of stage, that can address these “must-have” technology needs and bring a best-in-class product or service to market effectively. In addition to its in-depth technology and market review JK&B evaluates potential investments on more conventional dimensions like:

  • Depth and experience of the management team
  • Clear, well-defined and executable business strategy
  • Level of team experience with
    large-scale deployments

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