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Acquired by Tranzeo
Wireless Technologies
  Aperto Networks, Inc. - Milpitas, California. Aperto Networks is a leading provider of new generation scalable broadband wireless access systems. Aperto's PacketMax® system provides a family of base stations, subscriber units, and associated radios and antennas for global point-to-multipoint and point-to-point deployments. Aperto was acquired by Tranzeo Wireless Technologies in April 2010.

Acquired by Nokia Siemens
  Atrica, Inc. - Santa Clara, California. Atrica develops equipment that allows telecom- munications companies to provide Gigabit Ethernet service to their customers. Gigabit Ethernet is quickly becoming a significant growth product for telecommunications companies and Atrica's equipment is a carrier class solution. Atrica employs about 160 people, has a presence in three countries, and has products being beta tested by many of the major tele- communications companies. Atrica was acquired by Nokia Siemens Networks in January 2008.

Acquired by Nortel
  CoreTek, Inc. - Burlington, Massachusetts. CoreTek designs, manufactures and markets a tunable laser used in DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) networks. CoreTek's lasers are tunable over various frequency ranges, unlike more conventional lasers which are fixed over one frequency range. This development is key for advanced optical communications as well as for a wide variety of optical transmission and management functions. CoreTek was acquired by Nortel.

Acquired by Cable & Wireless
  Exodus Communications - Santa Clara, California. Exodus provides website Data Center facilities to businesses that view the Internet as mission critical. Exodus' Data Centers offer state-of-the-art facilities to house and monitor web servers as well as a nationwide scaleable, redundant, power protected, high bandwidth ATM network with connection to the major Inter- exchange Providers. Exodus had an IPO in 1999 and was acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2002.

  EZchip Semiconductor Ltd. - Yokneam, Israel. EZchip is a semiconductor company that provides very high performance, 7 layer, 10 gigabit network processors. These devices are the heart of next generation data network switches, routers and other data communi- cations and transport devices. (NASDAQ:EZCH)

Acquired by West Corporation
  Intrado Inc.  ( formerly SCC Communications )  - Boulder, Colorado. Intrado provides 911 operations support systems to local exchange carriers and wireless carriers in the United States. The company operates the Intrado National Data Services Center, a 911 service bureau with over 70 million subscriber data records under management throughout North America. Intrado had an IPO in 1998. (NASDAQ: TRDO)

  NeuLion, Inc. - Plainview, New York.  NeuLion is a leading IPTV company providing a comprehen- sive suite of technology and services to content owners and aggregators. NeuLion provides an end-to-end technology solution which enables content to be monetized and streamed to multiple platforms.

  Openwave Systems, Inc.  ( formerly Phone.com and Unwired Planet )  - Redwood City, California. Openwave is a software company that allows the wireless carriers and cellular phone manufactu- rers to offer cellular phone users access and data communications with the Internet and intranet databases. Openwave - Phone.com had an IPO in 1999. Phone.com merged with Software.com in 2000, forming Openwave Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:OPWV).

Acquired by
Carrier Access/Turin Networks
  Paragon Networks International Inc. - Southbury, Connecticut. Paragon Networks International designs, manufactures and markets cost-effective network access multiplexer products for the wireless industry that enable carriers and corporate users to efficiently manage fractional and whole T1/E1 utilization. Acquired by Carrier Access Corporation in December 2003.

Acquired by Huber + Suhner
  Polatis, Inc. - Bedford, Massachusetts and Cambridge, United Kingdom.  Continuum Photonics, Inc. and Polatis, Ltd., makers of optical switch subsystems and module products, merged operations in September 2005. The companies have combined their technology, product lines and personnel to create a single business, dedicated to providing customers with a full range of optical switch component and system products for the telecommunications, data networking and defense industries. Polatis was acquired by Huber + Suhner.

Acquired by Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
  Seaway Networks, Inc. - Ottawa, Canada. Seaway Networks is a fabless semiconductor company that provides industry leading content processing silicon solutions incorporating the fastest TCP offload engine and patented Stream-Switching technology targeted at a broad range of data networking, security and storage applications.

Acquired by Cisco Systems
  Sheer Networks, Inc. - San Jose, California & Petach-Tikva, Israel. Sheer Networks provides large enterprises and communications service providers with an industry's first highly accurate, 'active network intelligence' management platform call the Sheer ™ BOS. The Sheer ™ BOS's scalability, upgradeability and ability to leverage existing equipment increase customers' profitability and network reliability.

  TenXc, Inc. - Ottawa, Canada TenXc provides high performance antenna technology designed to help wireless network operators enhance their coverage and increase their capacity using existing cell sites.

Acquired by Avaya/Thrupoint
  Ubiquity Software Corporation - Newport, United Kingdom.  Ubiquity is the leader in the development of advanced software products that enable service providers (telephone companies, Internet service providers, and application service providers) to offer next-generation, value-added, enhanced telephony and data services. The software is unique in that it allows service providers and third-party developers to easily design services 'straight to the desktop', rather than only for the network. Ubiquity had an IPO in 2005 on the AIM Market of The London Stock Exchange (AIM:UBQ)

  Vantrix, Inc. - Montreal, Canada.  Vantrix is an industry-leading provider of content adaptation and optimization solutions for the converged wireless, broadband and cable networks. Vantrix offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that deliver any multimedia content to any device, focusing on the best possible user experience to drive consumer adoption of premium services like MMS, Mobile TV, User Generated Content and Video On Demand.

  Verimatrix, Inc. - San Diego, California.  Verimatrix sets the standard for content and revenue security solutions for pay-TV networks, with a global customer base of premier service providers. The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS TM) offers a suite of independently audited, next-generation solutions and is consistently ranked as the global leading IPTV content protection solution. The company's 3-Dimensional Content Security approach, built around VCAS and its ViewRight(r) client device technologies, enables the business of content delivery to screens of all types, across multiple networks, while using multiple layers of protection techniques to achieve the widest security perimeter. Maintaining close relationships with major studios, broadcasters, industry organizations and a progressive partner ecosystem helps address the challenges facing the pay-TV industry of today, and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

Acquired by American Tower
  UNIsite Inc. - Tampa, Florida. UNIsite is a leader in the emerging field of wireless communica- tions site sharing. The company was founded by former FCC Chairman, Mark Fowler. UNIsite was acquired by American Tower Corporation.

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