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Acquired by Versata Enterprises
  AlterPoint Inc. - Austin, Texas.  Alterpoint's open, comprehensive network CMDB combines operational and business data to automate, analyze and optimize network change, compliance, security and equipment life cycles.  AlterPoint was acquired by Versata Enterprises in February 2009

Acquired by Symantec
  AppStream, Inc. - Palo Alto, California. AppStream is a leading provider of technology for on-demand software distribution and software license management tools for the extended enterprise.

  Baynote, Inc. - San Jose, California.  Baynote's Collective Intelligence Platform allows businesses to deploy visitor-driven recommendations and social search for websites. Businesses use Baynote to automatically display the best content and products by tapping in to the collective intelligence of website visitors, resulting in large and measurable increases in site engagement, sales, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Acquired by BakBone Software
  ColdSpark, Inc. - Broomfield, Colorado. ColdSpark merged with BakBone Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:BKBO) in May 2009. BakBone is a leading provider of data back-up, disaster recovery, replication, and email infrastructure solutions. The Company was founded in 2000 as a technology spin-out of AT&T Labs.

Acquired by
Autonomy Corporation
  Interwoven, Inc. - Sunnyvale, California.  Interwoven develops and markets content management software for website production control to better enable teams to work together on the Internet. Interwoven was acquired by Autonomy in March 2009.

Acquired by
  Jareva Technologies, Inc. - Sunnyvale, California. Jareva offers an enterprise IT automation platform that provides infrastructure control, provisioning, and updating of computing, storage and network devices. Jareva's products ensure consistent automation benefits across complex networking environments and heterogeneous operating environments. Acquired by Veritas January 2003.

Acquired by Nokia
  Novarra, Inc. - Itasca, Illinois.  Novarra provides high-performance, next-generation mobile Internet solutions that deliver revenue-generating services to carriers across mass market phones. Novarra solutions include full browsers, micro-clients and operator-grade scalable server platforms for next-generation services, content transformation, optimization, filtering and more.

Acquired by Dell
  Scalent Systems, Inc. - Palo Alto, California.  Scalent makes Infrastructure Virtualization software. This software significantly improves enterprise agility by directly enabling not just server mobility, but that of the entire data center - server, network connectivity, and storage access. Scalent's software is a critical enabler of Enterprise Cloud Computing.

Acquired by Novell
  SilverStream Software, Inc. - Burlington, Massachusetts. SilverStream provides a comprehensive, next-generation web application development platform that allows corporations to easily build and deploy pure Java applications. The SilverStream platform tightly integrates business logic, database access, content creation, publishing, collaboration and communications into one solution. SilverStream had an IPO in 1999 and was acquired by Novell, Inc. in 2002. (NASDAQ:SSSW)

  Splunk, Inc. - San Francisco, California.  Splunk is the IT Search company changing the way organizations manage, secure and audit their IT infrastructures. Splunk is software that lets enterprises search and analyze all IT infrastructure data from a single location in real time. IPO in April 2012. (NASDAQ: SPLK)

Acquired by Intellisync/Nokia
  Synchrologic, Inc. - Alpharetta, Georgia. Synchrologic provides technology that automatically distributes and synchronizes enterprise data with mobile and wireless devices such as laptops, Palm devices, and Pocket PCs. The Synchrologic iMobile Suite provides enterprises with a full breadth of mobile communication services that support relational database synchroniza- tion, file distribution, software distribution, and system administration. These services allow mobile users to access and utilize business applications anytime, anywhere. Acquired by Intellisync Corporation (formerly PumaTech) in December 2003.

Acquired by CyberArk
  Viewfinity, Inc. - Boston, Massachusetts.  Viewfinity combines virtualization technology and Software-as-a-Service to help enterprises more easily and efficiently manage laptop and desktop computers. Viewfinity was acquired by CyberArk.

Acquired by CA, Inc.
  XOsoft, Inc. - Burlington, Massachusetts and Beit Dagan, Israel. Xosoft is a leading provider of continuous application availability solutions that fully address business continuity, disaster recovery, continuous data protection and content distribution needs. XOsoft’s products ensure uninterrupted access to all types of file and application servers and allow instantaneous recovery from any type of disaster.

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